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I love the Festival in the Park.
I have gone almost every year for most of my life. I miss the old festival that lasted 2 weekends included the river boat races and rubber ducky race, included Wasena Park as well as downtown activities. These are wonderful childhood memories that I wish my children would have the chance to enjoy. I still enjoy the Festival and will continue to support it, I just wish it was longer and included some of the old activities. ---Colleen James

Festival in the Park- FANTASTIC!!!! Highly Recommended!!
I have been attending the Festival in the Park since I was a child. Now, with children of my own, I still love going. There is something for everyone- music, food, arts. Charlotte doesn't have a lot of great festivals, but clearly there is a reason this one is still around- everyone loves it! My favorite thing is perusing art created by local school children. You can purchase items from a local vendor- including handcrafted jewelry and original art. This is a great place to let your kids run, play, jump and experience something more along the lines of a larger metro. There is a large lake at one end that you can walk around or just sit beside and watch the local wildlife. Plenty of adults, kids and families to chat with. Festival in the Park is a MUST!!

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